What is behind WordPress and SEO compatibility?

For additional information visit: WordPress.org

Every day we get asked why WordPress is a better than an “good, old “static site when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our answer is always, “content, content, content, and great coding.”  Search engines love the way WP presents its content and code to the world.

But why does this matter to you? Well, functionality and great design are only two legs of a stable website. SEO performance is the “third leg” that makes your website work for you. We always say, “You can have a great looking site but it does you no good if your target audience can’t find you.”

To help you make informed decisions about your site structure, I want to put the best resource information right in your hands.

We hope that you will find this link to WordPress.org compelling information. Harnessing the power of WP for our customers is our mission here at QuicWeb Solutions. Moving forward to the year 2012 and beyond we are positioning our company to finding solutions to all of our customer’s needs by scouring the universe for all the best modules, plugins, gadgets and widgets to make their sites even more exciting and accessible.